Anna's Wild Life

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When Anna and Colin bought Manor House Wildlife Park they inherited over one hundred rare and exotic animals. With no previous animal experience, the couple soon find that providing a decent quality of life for their new companions is much harder than they could ever have imagined. Adventures abound for Anna and her team as they get to grips with their sprawling wildlife collection. After investing in an expensive island retreat and a mate for ‘Steve’, their psychologically damaged gibbon, the team is dismayed when he does not embrace his new freedom. Can new head keeper Ross Brown help Steve to overcome his fear? In the meerkat enclosure, the team wants to introduce an attractive young female, Sahara, to their group of four lovelorn male bachelors, but the process is fraught with danger. Despite their cute and cuddly profile, meerkats are territorial and extremely violent to new-comers. Will there be meerkat babies or meerkat mayhem? A battle of wits ensues as Ross, Colin and the team of keepers prepare to move the camels and the South American tapirs to their new home. Wild camels aren’t known for co-operation and all the tapirs want to do is go for a swim. The wildlife park’s commitment to protect some of the world’s most endangered species sees the team welcome a lively young horse, from a breed extinct in the wild, and as winter approaches, Manor House celebrates another new arrival with the birth of a new baby gibbon. The park’s Rhino project sees Anna travelling to Africa to experience efforts to protect endangered species in the wild and witness the tragedy of poaching firsthand, with cameras capturing every intimate detail. The dedication of Anna and her team will be pushed to the limit throughout this fascinating family entertainment series for ITV, as all the highs and lows behind the scenes at the Manor House Wildlife Park are revealed.


Anna Ryder Richardson


6 x 30'


Series, Doc Series, Nature & Wildlife

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