Even Stevens - Season 3


Even Stevens' follows the escapades of the loving sibling rivalry between Louis and Ren Stevens. Ren is the school's living legend, a dedicated overachiever whose reputation casts a giant shadow. She embarks on each day as a challenge waiting to be conquered. This would be easy enough if it weren't for the ill-timed, madcap antics of her younger brother Louis. He is the class clown with good intentions innocently gone wrong. Louis can't imagine why Ren is always losing her composure when he's around. Whether he's swapping his sister for a trading card or vying for her spot in the school talent show, the pair always manages to work things out.


Shia LaBoeuf, Christy Carlson Romano, Nick Spano, Tom Virtue, Donna Pescow


Matt Dearborn


22 x 30'


Series, Kids, Kids & Family, Comedy

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