100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd - Season 2

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Eddie McDowd has spent his entire life terrorizing nearly everyone, until one fateful day he picks a bone with a mysterious drifter, who curses him and turns him into a dog. Now, before Eddie can shed the canine curse, he must make amends by performing one hundred good deeds. New kid in town Justin Taylor has just survived his first day at school after being sent up the flag-pole covered in paint by school bully Eddie McDowd. In a magical twist, the drifter who changed Eddie into a canine has given him the ability to talk to the first human he meets, who just happens to be Justin! After hearing about Eddie’s bizarre predicament, a sceptical Justin agrees to help his new canine companion perform good deeds to regain his boyhood. Unfortunately, Eddie’s old habits die hard, and his bully-like nature is often the duo’s biggest challenge!


Brenda Song, Danny Tamberelli, Diane Delano, Jason Dohring, Joe Piscopo, Josh Hammond, Morgan Kibby


Steven H. Berman, Nat Bernstein, Michael Katlin


20 x 30'


Series, Kids, Kids & Family

Year of Production


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