Republic of Doyle

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After being accused of murder, Jake must confront his enemies as he comes to terms with what happened to Leslie and try to clear his own name in the process. Leslie goes back to work with conditions and she must meet with the force therapist. Sloan gets into trouble and Jake must bail her out by making a deal with Vick Saul. Even though she was not cleared by her therapist after having a panic attack on duty, Leslie lends a hand to the Doyle clan to try and clear Jake's name before it is too late. When Leslie's past disobedience on the force comes to light, she must work harder than ever to save her job. Jake's murder conviction comes front and centre as the season comes to a final close with all the Doyle family trying to clear his name.


Alan Hawco, Sean McGinley, Lynda Boyd, Krystin Pellerin, Mark O'Brien, Marthe Bernard, Bob Cole


Stefan Scaini, John Vatcher, Keith Samples, Steve DiMarco, Brad Peyton


10 x 60'


Series, Drama Series, Comedy, Crime, Drama

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